Friday, November 6, 2015

Venture Capital Soars In LA

LOS ANGELES—Venture capital is flooding into Los Angeles. By mid-year, $1.2 billion in venture capital flooded to Los Angeles-based tech firms. In fact, L.A. is home to several “unicorn” tech companies—a name given to private companies that have a valuation of $1 billion or higher based on fundraising—including SnapchatSpaceXTinderand Just Fab. There are only 138 so-called unicorn companies in the world, and seven are based in Los Angeles. These companies are becoming an important part of the office landscape and are fueling the creative officemarket. To find out why unicorn companies are coming to Los Angeles, where the $1.2 billion in capital is flooding and the outlook ahead, we sat down with Devon Parry, a senior research analyst at JLL, for an exclusive interview. What is driving the growth of unicorn companies in Los Angeles?
Devon Parry: The combination of a strong venture capital community, talented workforce and deep roots in the entertainment community, are contributing to a strong infrastructure for innovation which when combined make Los Angeles an ideal place for thriving, young, innovative companies to call home. What is driving the growth of tech companies in Los Angeles, especially when Northern California has historically been their home base?
Parry: The local technology sector in Los Angeles is tied heavily to the entertainment and media industry. The two industries are continuing to converge, as the appetite for content and new media on mobile devices and other channels increases. We have also seen an emphasis on firms with a mindset geared toward content creation.  Los Angeles is uniquely positioned to draw from top creative and media talent. The temperate climate doesn’t hurt either. Where is this capital flowing?
Parry: Much of this year’s venture capital funding came from Venice based Snapchat, accounting for $1.02B of the total $1.2B in investment. There is speculation that Snapchat will IPO in 2015 or 2016, and if so, venture capitalists will have to direct their dollars elsewhere. With $1.2B in venture capital at mid-year, where do you anticipate venture capital funding at yearend? What about next year?
Parry: Venture capital funding is expected to rise as Silicon Beach continues to be a place of home grown, innovative businesses. Additionally, Google made a large land purchase in Playa Vista earlier this year, with entitlements to build up to 900,000 square feet of office product. With Google establishing a larger footprint in the area, this will likely encourage the clustering of more start-up firms.

Monday, May 18, 2015

How To Invest Directly in Commercial Real Estate Within Your Community

Canvass Capital allows individual investors to own traditional and alternative commercial real estate and benefit from the cash flow and capital gains it generates.  Read what other investors are saying about the location and profile of certain investments located within your own community using the Boots On The Ground TM forum. Minimum investment amounts are much smaller than the average Private Equity Commercial Real Estate Firm yet offer the same risk-adjusted returns and institutional investment discipline with greater transparency.

The following is a description of an investment we are currently offering:

  • Creative Office project
  • Minimum Investment: $50,000 
  • Venice, CA address
  • Projected Total Returns: 15-18%
  • Total Hold Period: 24-36 Months

E-mail to invest. 


Amid the palm trees and purple sunsets of the Southern California coastline, techies have built "Silicon Beach."
Why it makes sense to walk/bike to work...
Venice- "Main on Main"

Main Street on Venice has become a Main on Main location for tech companies seeking beach front real estate that doubles as either a corporate headquarters or satellite location.

SnapChat Taking Over

snapchat venice
Canvass Capital is capitalizing on this movement by purchasing real estate in locations where tech and other related businesses want to be.  This allows businesses to take advantage of the brand exposure they will receive by having Boots On The Ground TM  in certain locations that will help them attract and retain top talent.

If you are a local resident or commercial real estate professional and have an opinion on where the path of growth is heading, please post content on our forum.  Also, if you are a business owner and wish to setup shop, we are actively pursuing locations that have vacancy and would love to chat further about your needs.